Unable to find the Norton Security Toolbar in Firefox?

Norton Antivirus with its remarkable products as well as absolute services comes under one of the topmost internet security software. Almost all the Norton products are compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. Norton also offers the users a feature for adding it as a toolbar on the web browsers they are using on their device. This toolbar helps in blocking the malicious links as well as the websites it find infected.

If you are using this Norton Security Toolbar on the popular web browser, i.e. Mozilla Firefox then it may happen that the browser doesn’t show up the toolbar’s extension. This generally happens with Mozilla Firefox version 57 after you set up the browser on an update. Once the update finishes, the toolbar disables automatically.

Nevertheless, the question still remains, are you still protected from the hackers without using the Norton Security Toolbar. Then the answer is yes, Norton has launched a new extension, Norton Safe Web that protects the system as well as the confidential data from threats, phishing sites, and many new viruses.

Norton Safe Web is designed using the technologies that are supported by the Firefox. Additionally, the extension follows latest industry standards that take it far away from the toolbar user interface and apply toolbar less extension model.

The existing extensions like Norton Safe Search and Norton Home Page are moved to Mozilla Firefox support as well as web extension standards. The user of Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista, can install only the Norton Safe Web extension after it gets updated with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Some of the brilliant features of the Norton Safe Web are-

In case, you wish to enable the Norton Safe Web extension then follow the steps as listed below-

To get the Norton Safe web or any products of Norton, you need to visit the Norton web link www.norton.com/setup to set up for your system.

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